The TM-4 is one of Trety's own products. The TM-4 is an OEM platform that is a highly versatile and ultra-low power smart alarm IOT device with excellent audio quality. The press of the alarm button can enable a high-quality voice channel to the designation of choice and provides the caretaker or emergency central with the vital position data. The device is built to be able to track and record both indoor and outdoor activity and location by combining GNSS and BLE iBeacons. It is perfect as a personal alarm for the elderly and disabled, as well as a personal alarm for children and adults and to track valuables. It is a very competent alarm unit with the absolute latest technology and with many more possible functions and services. Scalable to create maximum security and flexibility for the user and optimized efficiency for the service provider, today and tomorrow!

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Virtual Access

Virtual Access offers a range of devices that are used to deliver wired and wireless managed connectivity services for telecommunications operators and large enterprises. Over the years our technology has evolved from TDM and ISDN systems to various broadband technologies including DSL, GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G, and CDMA450, Ethernet in the First Mile and VoIP. We are experts in solving the problems related to the deployment and ongoing management of very large scale distributed networks.

GM-2300. - Industrial router for harsh environments, roadside cabinets, remote monitoring and control sites

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Everon is fundamentally an IT company with its own in-house development and great passion for innovative technical solutions. But the core of Everon's idea does not come from technology, but from a vision to contribute to a society where all the elderly and disabled are given the opportunity for security, health and well-being. Today, Everon is one of the leading suppliers of security alarms in the Nordics.

Origon-3 Hub. The multi-function, fully digital, wireless Origon Hub connects Evens solutions to deliver a world of healthcare possibilities. Origon is equipped with wireless roaming SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth and embedded SIM digital communication technologies, designed to ensure no central point of failure. Origon is capable of connecting up to 64 SMART wireless devices and wearables which are simply installed on-site using Press and Play functionality

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VestiTech is a passionate high-end technology company with a vision to deliver cutting-edge IoT services. In-house developed hardware in combination with our service applications makes us ready to meet high expectations. We strive to deliver accuracy data and flexible business solutions for your needs.

Spuro-X. Next generation multi purpose Lorawan tracking device. GPS, accelerometer, temperature, persistent storage Ultra low power consumption Over-the-air upgrades (OTA) Data collection off the grid

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Xertified is based on a belief that good IT/OT and IIoT security is a cornerstone for productive and future-proof networking. The idea is that both users and equipment, man and machine if you will, needs unique and undeniable identities to securely separate the ones that we trust from the ones that we don’t.

XoT - True IT, OT and IoT security: securing devices on the network, not the network itself With the concepts of edge security, undeniable identities and zero trust we provide inviolable security and access control for connected devices. XoT technology™ is a cross-platform solution that moves the security to the edge of the network and secures your connected devices through dedicated access control.

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Consenz is breaking new ground with capable driver support technology for the existing car fleet, addressing a highly under-stimulated 1 billion+ car market globally. Our all-in-1 solution responds to drivers’ demand to stay connected and updated while driving. It also provides 3P service providers with a roadworthy, safe, convenient, and open delivery platform, allowing customers to benefit from new services in a pace the vehicle industry cannot match.

ENSO - Consenz’s connected and intelligent Head-up Display can be retrofitted into any car, upgrading your digital interface to the absolute latest standards. In order for you to keep your hands on the wheel, we put a lot of emphasis on a smooth voice interaction. Your interaction with Enzo is a conversation, not just a set of fixed commands. Your comfort and peace of mind when driving is our focus.

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Brand New Brand

Brand New Brand Nordic AB has developed a system for monitoring and controlling homes, holiday homes and/or offices. The system goes under the brand name wiFido®

wiFido - A Swedish, all-in-one, multilingual and modular smart home system. wiFido is a stylish and well-designed hardware that communicates with you about what's going on in your home or office. It senses movement, sound and temperature and can send movies of what it can see. wiFido in its simplest form gives you the answer that everythingis ok at home. If not – wiFido will warn you and suggest action.

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