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The mobile security alarm of the future!

TM-4, The savior of future elderly care!
The Story

The healthcare sector is poised to confront substantial challenges in the immediate future: 
  • A growing global population, an increasing elderly demographic, and a simultaneous decline in healthcare workforce.
  • Present alarm systems hinge on outdated technology, presenting a looming predicament. The majority rely on 2G and 3G communication technology, slated for shutdown by telecom operators in 2025
Admidst these challanges emerges TM-4 with new technology! Modern technology offers the dual promise of enhancing the lives of the elderly while also optimizing healthcare processes.

  • Real-time health data and alerts can be seamlessly transmitted without manual intervention. 
  • Signals and preemptive warnings enable proactive measures, averting critical situations. 
  • The likelihood of severe illnesses can be curtailed, leading to a reduction in healthcare strain.
  • Mobile alarm systems ensure patients' freedom and security, regardlessof their location

A remarkable transformation is unfolding in this realm, driven by advancements in communication, technical products, and services. The imminent interconnectedness of nearly everything promises boundless opportunities!This is more than a story; it's a beacon of innovation in healthcare.

TM-4 - The mobile security alarm of the future
Simple in its exterior but very competent in its interior!
With TM4, we empower our clients with unmatched mobility and top-tier safety features!

The TM-4 sets itself apart through its distinctive simplicity.

Summoning help is as easy as pressing the alarm button, no matter where you are. Instantly, the TM-4 unit initiates a two-way call with a designated party, be it an SOS service, caregiver operator, alarm response team, family member, and more.

Behind its user-friendly facade, the TM-4 boasts cutting-edge technology, offering a spectrum of potential features and services. Its scalability ensures peak security and adaptability for users, while optimizing caregiver efficiency – both today and tomorrow.
Embrace freedom and safety with TM-4
Key features:

Mobile:Discover the TM-4 – a beacon of safety and independence that knows no bounds. Wherever you are, it stands as your guardian with its remarkable features.
Two-Way Communication Alarm: Seamlessly connect from any location. Thanks to LTE Cat-1 connectivity (optimized IoT-4G technology), the TM-4 enjoys cost-effective internet access and telephony (VoLTE & GSM fallback) with exceptional audio quality and coverage.
Indoor and Outdoor Positioning: Pinpoint the client's location with precision, both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, implement Geofencing to receive alarms if the client ventures beyond designated zones.
Fall Detection: Equipped with an accelerometer, the TM-4 can detect falls and trigger automatic alarms. It also features a "lying still" alarm function. Sensor and Device Integration: Utilize the power of Bluetooth connectivity to link various sensors, meters, and devices to the TM-4. Receive measurements and alarms at predefined thresholds. (e.g., pulse, door sensors, iBeacons, movement, etc.)
Signals, LED Lights & Vibrations: Enhance communication with the client through speakers, LED lights, and a vibrator. The TM-4 delivers tailored information for diverse scenarios. With an IP65 rating, it's weather-resistant and splash-proof.
User-Friendly Design: With its intuitive setup, the user requires only the alarm and volume buttons. The device itself or the caregivers' software platform handles all other functionalities centrally.

TM-4, future proof and cutting-edge technology
Measurements: 90 x 41x17 mm
Weight: 58 g
Communication: LPWA LTE Cat-1. EGPRS and Bluetooth 5.2
Audio: VoLTE Cat-1 GSM fallback
Speaker: 6,2W (8Ω) class D (DSM) type Audio Speaker
Microphone: Digital PDM MEMS type microphone
Authentication: E-SIM
Positioning: GPS/GLONASS/BeDou/ Galileo/QZSS for outdoor tracking. Possibility to inplement BLE Beacon, RTLS for Indoor tracking
Sensor: 3 axel accelerometer
IP klass: 65
Signalling: Audio, ledlamps matris and vibrator
Battery capacity: 800 mAh, 4-6 weeks on standby
TM-4, Scalable to handle most things..

For the developer:
The TM-4 platform is an OEM primarily intended for platform- and service providers to e.g. elderly and dementia care (Platform providers, Caregivers, alarm companies, etc.)
Interested customers and partners have the opportunity to obtain a TM-4 hardware development card with the associated SDK containing reference software and low-level APIs to be able to validate, test, adapt and further develop the TM-4 platform.
Through the reference software, it is possible to get access to the BLE processor, peripherals and the LPWA LTE/GSM radio.

Further development is carried out by the customer himself, alternatively it can take place through recommended partners.
Development board hardware specification
Development: Test connectors for access to BLE processor, LPWAN radio module
Cennectivity: Butttons, status LED’s for firmware development. Nano SIM
External power: External device power and charging of battery is provided via micro-usb connector
Software specification
Device OS: FreeRTOS
Development Environment: Renesas SmartSnippets Studio
Applications layer: Trety TM-4 API source code and related API documentation